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A Little Something Different - A Week in the life of Mr. Redmond

  With all credit to the incredible artist, Kamitora, whose painfully hot pictures inspired this story! Mr. Felix Redmond has made his career in the field of domestic service.   Unlike a butler, valet or footman, he has a very specific purpose that takes him from house to house.   Mr. Redmond serves six households.   He spends one day each week with each family, taking Sunday as a day of rest from all his hard work. To understand Mr. Redmond’s job, it may be easiest to examine a few specific days in an average week.   Let us begin by looking at what Monday holds in store for Mr. Redmond. On Mondays, our domestic gentlemen spends his day at the home of the Duke of Kent.   His most prestigious employer, the Duke is an older gentleman who is kept busy with his responsibilities at the House of Lords, managing his estates and leading the local hunt. With all his obligations, the Duke often doesn’t have time to take care of matters at home.   Specifically, the needs of his younger wife
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Nancy's Outdoor Ordeal Pt 2

  It took almost five minutes for them to reach her. The excited nest of ants slowly covered the trial of honey. About 3 inches form her pussy, Nancy finally saw them.   Her eyes bulged and her stomach turned icy.   This couldn’t be what Roger was planning…?               She looked up to see him smirking cheerfully.   “Finally caught on, eh my dear?   I’ve read that the natives used to stake out prisoners like this.”   He gave a theatrical shudder.   “Can’t imagine what they’d feel like running around all over you.   Must be hell.”               Nancy opened her mouth, but Roger’s warning jumped to the forefront of her mind.   She clamped her lips around the spoon and stared downward in utter horror.                 Inch by inch, the ants came closer.   Unbelievably, she couldn’t feel the first one as it ran up her thigh.   She saw it, but it was too tiny for her skin to register.   The another followed.   And two more.   Toget

Nancy's Outdoor Ordeal Pt 1

                  It was a hot day in late July.   The sun boiled down and everything was still and sweltering.   Nancy’s dress stuck to her like plastic wrap.   She had done the dishes, vacuumed, then collapsed into a miserable puddle in front of the living room fan.   It was too hot for much else.            Nancy lounged most of the afternoon.   She considered making dinner but dismissed it.   If Roger wanted a hot dinner on a day like today, he could fend for himself!   Nancy wouldn’t be fooling around in the kitchen just to get heatstroke.   Nor would she be cleaning, baking or anything else!                 Nancy had worked herself into a downright foul mood by the time Roger came home at 4:30.               “Honey?” he called form the doorway.               “In the living room,” she called back, tone a bit short.                   A moment later Roger entered, his cheeks flushed, and tie already undone.   “Hello dear.   What a heatwave, eh?”               “It sure is.”

Nancy's New Hairbrush

  The first time Nancy met the dreaded brush, it was a cold December evening.   She’d been playing bridge with the girls and come home a little late.   Roger gave her a warning, but dinner was on time and the evening looked to be pleasant.   Nancy had done the laundry that morning, so she went to fold clothes before Leave it to Beaver came on. Now Nancy was perfectly aware of what things could and could not be put in the dryer.   So, when she pulled Roger’s best woolen pants out with the rest of the clothes, she couldn’t quite believe what she was seeing.   She held them up – they were small enough now to fit a child. Nancy groaned in dismay. To her further bad luck, Roger was nearby, getting a bottle of coke in the kitchen.   “Nancy?   What’s the matter?” For a wild second, Nancy thought about lying.   But Roger’s terrible punishment when he’d caught her telling fibs flew through her mind, and she knew that the spanking she’d get now would be far more merciful than what might ha

Nancy's Pussy Punishment (Part 2)

  “That should do as a warmup.    I want this puss nice and hot and sensitive.”    He ran one finger over her bright red cleft.    “It has a lot of punishment yet to go.” Their next destination, confusingly, was the garage.   Roger led her to a foot ladder and instructed her to bend over it.   As she did, he pulled out stout lengths of garden twine and tied her by her wrists and ankles to the legs of the ladder.    He gave it an experimental rock, but it stood steady.   Now Nancy’s pussy was the highest point of her body.   Her head hung low, and she could see Roger’s legs from between her own. He moved away, then returned carrying something.   “I noticed the new clothespins you were using the other day.   Very clever little things, much better than the old kind.   It gave me an idea.”   Slowly and gently, Roger pulled one lip of her pussy outward.   He took a clip in one hand and placed it to one side over her lip.   Then he let go. Nancy yelped in alarm.   The pin felt almost lik