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A Little Something Different - A Week in the life of Mr. Redmond


With all credit to the incredible artist, Kamitora, whose painfully hot pictures inspired this story!

Mr. Felix Redmond has made his career in the field of domestic service.  Unlike a butler, valet or footman, he has a very specific purpose that takes him from house to house.  Mr. Redmond serves six households.  He spends one day each week with each family, taking Sunday as a day of rest from all his hard work.

To understand Mr. Redmond’s job, it may be easiest to examine a few specific days in an average week.  Let us begin by looking at what Monday holds in store for Mr. Redmond.

On Mondays, our domestic gentlemen spends his day at the home of the Duke of Kent.  His most prestigious employer, the Duke is an older gentleman who is kept busy with his responsibilities at the House of Lords, managing his estates and leading the local hunt.

With all his obligations, the Duke often doesn’t have time to take care of matters at home.  Specifically, the needs of his younger wife, Millie.  The Duchess is a headstrong lady, raised in a more lax environment than the aristocracy demands.  Her father spoiled her with too may freedoms as a young girl and she tends to be undisciplined.  Correcting her is important, but would take too much of the Duke’s precious time. 

That, of course, is where Mr. Redmond comes in.  The Duke and his household servants make a list of the Duchess’ misdeeds throughout the week and hand it off to Mr. Redmond when he arrives Monday morning.

Throughout the day, Mr. Redmond works hard to correct the Duchess and instill the discipline she needs as a member of one of the highest families.

As the Duke is a very traditional man, much of her chastisement is on her plump buttocks.  Mr. Redmond carries a large bag, much like the fabled Mary Poppins, that contains all sorts of instruments for heating up a lady’s naughty posterior.  Mr. Redmond also carries a precise mental list of how Millie reacts to each and every implement.  Thus he knows that a stern encounter with a Spencer Paddle imported from the Sates will cause her to erupt in a flood of tears.  He always paddles her until her wails can be heard throughout the grand house at least once during the course of the day.

Of course, a lady’s buttocks cannot withstand a full day’s worth of continuous discipline.  Mr. Redmond has many other tricks up his immaculate sleeves.  To give an example of some of his other methods, we can turn our attention to the household he visits on Wednesdays.

Though far less traditional, Admiral Laura Keene’s house is just as strict as the Dukes and also just as busy.  The Admiral is often called away from home and away from her lovely wife, Gemma.  Gemma, in another parallel with the Duke’s household, was raised without much discipline.  Gemma’s case, however is more extreme.  Not gentry at all, she was raised in a rough portion of Liverpool.  Her harsh upbringing led her to a defiant attitude towards authority.  Though she loves her wife, Gemma often has trouble obeying as she ought.

On Wednesdays, the Admiral always meets with Mr. Redmond, either in person or in an online chat.  She informs him of her wife’s behavior though the previous week and he takes care of the infractions.  The Admiral never quite has he heart to be properly stern with her pretty wife, but Mr. Redmond can be relied upon.  He knows that a leather suit makes her feel like the rebellious teen she was, and that punishing her in it will make the point that no amount of armor, mental or physical, can withstand good discipline.

Gemma particularly hates to have her inner recesses invaded, especially her back door.  Thus Mr. Redmond is always sure to insist that a clean conscience is achieved through a clean rectum.  A large, inflatable nozzle always rests on the sink in Gemma’s bathroom, next to a very official enema apparatus.  Around lunchtime, halfway through whatever other punishments have been determined for that week, Mr. Redmond hooks up the tubing and fills Gemma’s naughty ass with a full gallon of water and castile soap.  She is expected to hold the enema for a full 8 minutes while Mr. Redmond details all the ways in which she was a naughty girl in the most demeaning of language.  Gemma is always in tears by the time he allows her to expel the solution.  Her buttocks are then heated for a few minutes over Mr. Redmond’s lap before a second, warm water enema rinses her out.

Let us leave Gemma to her humiliation, and move on to the household that Mr. Redmond spends his Thursdays in.  The Spencers are ‘nouveau riche’, in the terms of the snobbier of the London circles.  Mr. Jake Spencer made his fortune in the infamous “Spencer App” that allows young people to search the latest food trends in an area.  He himself grew up in a cola mining ton in northern England and worked hard for everything he got.  Mrs. Emily Spencer, however, married him after his first million.  Emily is the daughter of a diplomat and came to Mr. Spencer’s attention at a charity reception.  They married within a year.

Unfortunately, the couple were ill-suited at first.  Emily was accustomed to a life of ease and, it may be honestly stated, was somewhat spoiled and snobbish.  The first time she accused her husband of ill-breeding he contacted Mr. Redmond.

Now Mr. Redmond comes by the Spencer home every Thursday to help Emily learn her place.  One of the most effective methods is involving her in domestic chores.  Thursdays are a holiday from cleaning for the servants.  Instead, Emily is forced to do the demeaning tasks of keeping her how  household tidy. 

Unlike the Duchess and Admiral, Mr. Spencer has more time to himself.  His need for Mr. Redmond’s services revolves around the creativity Mr. Redmond brings to the job and a desire to watch his wife’s degradation.  This Thursday, for instance, he reclines on a comfy chair in the entrance hall with a drink in one hand. 

Today the floors need mopping.  Mr. Redmond has created an ingenious tool for Mrs. Spencer to use.  She must kneel on the marble floors, using her double D breasts as scrubbers.  Soap in her mouth reminds her to keep her comments about the lower classes to herself, while a whip across the buttocks encourages her to do a good job.  Mr. Spencer watches the show happily.  Tonight, when Mr. Redmond has returned home, Emily will face an enthusiastic fucking from her husband.

Although Sundays are to be a days of rest for Mr. Redmond, he generally toiles on them as well.  After a long week of her husband being away each day correcting other wives, Mrs. Redmond needs some attention herself.  Mrs. Redmond, Margie, relies on her husband’s excellent salary and does not need to work herself.  Instead, she takes care of their two children, organizes the household and keeps things running while Mr. Redmond ‘brings home the bacon’ as it’s said.

The trouble is that Margie is a lovely, but inherently lazy woman.  She loves her husband and children, but she doesn’t love the work of a housewife.  Some days she skips out on her duties to shop with her friends.  More often, she spends hours playing video games while the housework goes undone.  She knows better, but she just can’t help herself.

Fortunately for Mrs. Redmond, she is married to a man who’s entire career revolves around motivation.

Every Sunday before church, Mr. Redmond calls his wife downstairs and bends her over in the front hall.  A sturdy oak ruler lives in the umbrella stand for just this moment.  While their children watch cartoons, Mr. Redmond gives his wife’s bottom a thorough going over.  He spanks her for a full five minutes until her backside is a tapestry of overlapping ruler marks.  Margie will have to sit on her welted bottom through the Sunday service, squirming and wondering what other punishments he will dole out.  Home is a good place for experimentation after all, and Mr. Redmond needs to be up on all the latest techniques.









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